More than a Building, Michael – Salisbury Cathedral

28th August 2018

More than a Building – Michael Bowyer. Floral artist. Director of Flowers.

Ask Michael Bowyer what is his favourite flower, and he’ll tell you it’s whatever he has in his hand at the time.

A floral artist who ran a successful floral business in Salisbury, Michael knows flowers; they define him; they are who he is, and he knows full well how even the simplest arrangement can touch lives.

Michael joined the volunteer team in Salisbury Cathedral eight years ago as its Creative Director of Cathedral Flowers.

“There’s something about this building that is very special, that makes it more than just a building; more than its architecture, its history, its sense of place; and the people in it, ‘’ he said.

As the first man in the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies to gain all his qualifications, Michael is rightly proud to be a national demonstrator, teacher, judge and speaker. He was honoured when he was invited to be in charge of the judges at the World Flower Show in Barbados last year and another career highlight for him was being part of  the first flower show in Estonia after it had regained its independence.

“Flowers have a place in our lives far more meaningful that we can every know. They mark all the stages along the way; and it’s not always the big blowsy bouquet that moves our heart, but also the tiny posy,” he said.

He is getting ready to arrange the flowers for a friend’s funeral, putting the cut stems in water and preparing to go into Salisbury Cathedral’s own cutting garden for foliage.

“We have the core of a really good team here; there are 45 flower arrangers in all drawn from far and wide across this diocese and beyond, our furthest member is in Abu Dhabi!

 “We had over 500 flower arrangements in our last flower festival in 2015 that told the story of the Magna Carta. It was glorious.” 

Next stop for Michael and the team is 2020 and the 800th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone for Salisbury Cathedral – in flowers.

Save the date: 16th To 20th Sept 2020.