More than a Building – Louise, Guildford Cathedral

06th August 2018

Now it’s time to meet Louise, the next in our More than a Building series.

Schools and Families staff, HLF Project Outreach and Engagement officer, Volunteer fundraiser, Temporary PA to the Dean, Choir Chaperone – Louise Kenyon is Guildford Cathedral’s go-to-person whenever it has a crisis.

She thinks of herself as a super temp – and is currently Head of Schools and Family Learning, covering for maternity leave. She came to the Cathedral as a choir parent back in 2008 with her son Richard…and has never left.

“I had no knowledge of the Cathedral or cathedral life at all before that, I got my training as a choir parent and loved the engagement of the choral purpose; it creates the rhythm of the life of the cathedral.

“And I know its tough as a choir parent persuading your chorister son or daughter out of the paddling pool and into their school uniform to go to Evensong; it’s a huge commitment, it’s not a simple job; you need to see the bigger picture.

“My son is 17 now and has flourished in music; this Cathedral will always be part of his DNA now and mine, the enrichment of that Cathedral training will live with us forever.

“You quickly learn in a Cathedral that you can’t just exist within the box of your own job, Cathedral life does not work like that. I have done a wide range of jobs as well as volunteer jobs ranging from tea pourer, cake maker, ticket collector, and kneeler mover.

“You might be lending a hand arranging flowers, or sorting something faith related, and people always assume you can be there for them if they need to talk; to offload; it’s quite a privilege, as well as an eye opener.

“It’s not a “job” for anybody; it’s a vocation; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a volunteer or the Dean.

“It’s the people that make the difference; they can just light up the Cathedral. “

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