Lights, Great Exhibitions, An Observatory

10th January 2020

More Year of Cathedrals celebrations taking place at Salisbury, Exeter and Sheffield Cathedrals.

Sarum Lights – Salisbury Cathedral2020

Sarum Lights – Salisbury Cathedral is a family friendly, fully immersive light and sound four-night spectacular that explores the rich history of Salisbury Cathedral and the people who have cared for it over the past 800 years. It runs from 18-22 Feb and is part of the year-long programme Salisbury 2020: City on the move, which will see events and activities to mark the 800th anniversary of the move of Salisbury Cathedral and its community from Old Sarum to its present site.

Sarum Lights is a light and sound show that combines soundscapes and stunning light projections themed around different aspects of the Cathedral’s story located in different zones, starting at the West Front and continuing throughout the inside of the Cathedral and was created by the artistic collaboration, Luxmuralis.

The Great Exhibition: Space, God, the Universe and Everything – Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral will invite visitors to take a journey to the moon and back when it hosts the artistic collaboration Luxmuralis’s sound and light show: The Great Exhibition: Space, God, the Universe and Everything for three days from 5 – 7 March.

More information and tickets coming soon. Keep checking the Exeter Cathedrals events pages here.

The Observatory – Sheffield Cathedral

What began in December with the successful sound and light show ‘The Angels are Coming!’ will continue this spring when visitors to Sheffield Cathedral will once again witness the building immersed in sound and light.

It is part of the cathedral’s new three-year programme of events to spark the imagination of young and old, reach new audiences and see the cathedral transformed in new ways.

Sheffield Cathedral will welcome back the artistic team Luxmuralis for The Observatory. The show will run for eight days from 13-20th March and will take visitors to the edge of the universe and back immersing them in galaxies, meteor showers and constellations.

The Revd Canon Keith Farrow, vice dean and canon missioner at Sheffield Cathedral said:

“Cathedrals have been an attraction for people over many hundreds of years. These amazing buildings hold something special within them in the beauty of the architecture and the hugely interesting history and heritage story. They tell of local and national events and are places of prayer and spirituality.

“It is our hope that events such as these will attract many people, both old and new visitors, to experience the wonder of this place as never before. “

Tickets for ‘The Observatory’ are already on sale from the Cathedral website or in person from the Cathedral Gift Shop.

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