Bells toll for Ukraine

03rd March 2022

Cathedrals joined the call to toll their bells at noon today – one week since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine – to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and opposition to the war. 

Bells have tolled for Ukraine to mark seven days since the invasion

Canterbury, Exeter, Guildford, Newcastle, Ripon and Worcester were all able to ring their bells for seven minutes– one minute for every day since Russian forces first entered Ukraine.

The initiative comes from The European Association of Cathedral Builders, Munster Builders and Builders’ Works, who last night issued a statement:

We, the community of those responsible for conserving the buildings of the great cathedrals and minsters in Europe, from Norway to Malta and from Spain to Ukraine, do not wish to remain silent about the war in Ukraine. 

Europe is burning – we wish to sound the bells of our churches ringing for 7 minutes on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 12 noon, one minute for each day since the start of this senseless war.”All Posts

With that peal,  we mourn the dead from all the countries involved. 

With that peal,  we shall pray for all who are affected by this war. 

With that peal,  we shall pray for peace. 

And with that peal,  let us express our thanks should the guns have fallen silent by then. 

Everyone from our associations of cathedral architecture is committed to ensuring that people of all other churches might also learn of this and that the ringing of the fire bells may be heard in many places in Europe.