Anne Grebby Residency at Chichester Cathedral Finishes

06th April 2023

The residency by artist Anne Grebby in Chichester Cathedral has come to a close with the result, a painted triptych depicting the Baptism of Christ, taking pride of place in the cathedral’s Chapel of St John the Baptist.  Her residency in the chapel started in January and was completed on April 1.

During that time visitors could see the work in progress, and there were opportunities to speak to the artist about her creative practice as well as a programme of associated events.

The artist said:

“This opportunity to be Artist in Residence at Chichester Cathedral is an exciting way of communicating through painting – of entering the biblical narrative and exploring its meanings alongside the public.”

“Painting is a way of harnessing and expressing things which are seemingly insignificant – but full of meaningful implications. It can bring to the surface realities which we may sense are there but often ignore – or miss. 

“In other words, painting is a way of seeing and communicating both the seen and the unseen.”

Anne Grebby in Chichester Cathedral

Grebby has exhibited work in a number of sacred spaces, including All Saints Church, Hove, Lincoln Cathedral, the Convent Refettrio di San Michelle, Italy, and at a Jewish Synagogue in Essengen, Germany.

She has completed residencies in England, Germany, Italy and America.

The painting is on display in the Chapel of St John the Baptist in Chichester Cathedral until the end of April.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram account here.

Anne Grebby in Chichester Cathedral