A Service of Blessing for Animals – Worcester Cathedral

28th July 2022

Animal lovers are invited once more to Worcester Cathedral this September for the cathedral’s annual pet blessing service – and this time BBC Songs of Praise will be there.

BBC Songs of Praise to film ‘All Creatures Great and Small: A Service of Blessing for Animals’ at Worcester Cathedral this September.

The programme will be presented by the Revd Kate Bottley in an episode that will celebrate and give thanks for the way animals can enhance our lives.

The Songs of Praise production team is pleased to feature all creatures great and small and look forward to welcoming everyone – and it is also looking for worshippers with a story about how their pets have made a direct impact on their life and Christian faith.

All creatures are welcome (with a well-behaved owner!) And those who wish to attend without a pet are warmly welcome too; there will be additional seating for human worshippers, as well as an area for smaller pets.

The service will be conducted by Worcester’s Precentor, Canon John Paul Hoskins.

He said:

“Animals make such a difference in our lives; they are part of our families, there for us in good times and bad and give us unconditional love. Many people take great pleasure in the companionship of a pet. And for those who have suffered and are grieving, pets can bring great comfort to their owners.

“We look forward to taking a moment to give thanks and praise for all of our beloved animal companions,’ he added.

The service will start at 5.30pm on Friday 16 September and will last around 30 minutes. The congregation must be seated by 5.20pm.

Tickets are free, but must be pre-booked by visiting here.

Please book one ticket for each person attending, including babies and small children.

To express your interest in being interviewed for Songs of Praise, please book your tickets in the first instance, then email info@worcestercathedral.org.uk with your story so that we can pass your details on to the production team.

For more information, please visit www.worcestercathedral.co.uk/whats-on

* Please understand that Revd Kate and the team will only be able to interview a limited number of people on the day, but you and your pet may well be caught on camera and so your attendance will be taken as consent to be shown on BBC ONE in the context of the programme.