Chelmsford Cathedral

Chelmsford Cathedral is no vast, vaulted hall. Its qualities are more jewel-like: small, light, colourful, precious and cherished. When you walk in the building it seems to welcome you. It lifts the spirit and its silence sings.

Although we receive many visitors, we are not tourist led. When you walk in you usually find people at prayer. The candle-stand never goes out. We are a busy Cathedral, being a popular venue for concerts, lectures, civic events, school prize giving, but the heart of the Cathedral is the daily rhythm of worship with beautifully sung choral services.

During your visit, you are likely to hear many things going on: prayers being said, a service, or organ recital practice. This is a living church built for daily worship. Chelmsford Cathedral is also a parish church with a varied congregation.

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Chelmsford Cathedral

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